Many people do not know where to turn when they need to hire a lawyer.  However, those people in search of Wisconsin Lawyers in have several resources at their fingertips.

The State Bar of Wisconsin offers a few different options.  First, if you are sure that you need a lawyer, the Wisconsin Bar offers an easy-to-use online attorney referral service.  Simply pick the county you live in and the area of law you are concerned with, and a lawyer referral is provided to you.  This service is free of charge, and your initial consultation with the lawyer is only $20.

In addition to the Wisconsin Bar’s service, both the Milwaukee Bar and Waukesha County Bar Associations offer attorney referral services.  These services are reached by telephone.  As with the State Bar’s service, the referrals are free, and the initial consultation is only $20.

If you are not sure that you actually need a lawyer, the Wisconsin Bar also offers a service where you can call in and discuss your case with a representative.  If you do in fact need a lawyer, a referral will be provided at that time.  However, this service is also able to refer you to a government agency or other community resource if that would be enough to help you solve your problem.

Finally, if you do not need a lawyer but have a simple legal question, the Wisconsin State Bar also offers a free Lawyer Hotline.  Call in to make an appointment, and within a few days a lawyer will call you back to answer your question for you.