Many people find it difficult to both locate and hire an experienced attorney that specializes in the particular field of law that they need for their particular legal issue. Thus people often turn to a lawyer or attorney referral service when beginning their search for legal representation. A lawyer referral service is essentially a service provider that maintains a network of attorneys, which the service provider utilizes to connect people searching for legal assistance with an attorney in the service provider’s network.

Typically, when utilizing a lawyer referral service, a potential client will first contact the service provider. The service will then direct them towards an in network lawyer who practices in the area of law they need for their particular legal issue. For instance, in the state of Georgia many individuals utilize the State Bar of Georgia’s lawyer referral service when starting their search for legal assistance. Often, lawyer referral services are an automated system. Once the person seeking legal assistance fills out a form, the automated system then directs that potential client to a lawyer in the network.

Automated systems generally only provide simple contact information for an attorney in the vicinity of the person making the search. What this means is that there is a great possibility that the lawyer they are referred to may not be able to meet their specific legal needs or be within their financial means. Thus, it is important when searching for an attorney in Georgia, to first fully understand how attorney referral services operate. Once you understand how attorney referral services work, you can then choose the best one to find the best attorney for your legal issue.  

Should I Use an Automated Attorney Referral Service?

One of the main benefits of using an automated attorney referral service is that the automated system provides instant contact information for an attorney that meets the criteria you select. However, one big flaw of utilizing an automated system, rather than a nonautomated system, is that the automated system may not be able to fully understand your legal issues or take your financial means into account.

Thus, when seeking out an attorney, many individuals in Georgia typically prefer to utilize a nonautomated system, such as an attorney referral phone number operated by humans. When utilizing a nonautomated system, the human operator on the other end will be able to comprehend your complete needs, both legal and financial.

As mentioned above, individual operators will also be able to take into account a person’s financial means. For example, for qualified individuals in need of low cost or free legal services, the operator may refer them to free or pro bono (no charge) legal services. The State Bar of Georgia also provides a list of local and voluntary bar associations through its website. It is important to note that the State Bar of Georgia is not authorized to refer clients to attorneys. However, both local and voluntary bar associations offer referrals. In addition to local and voluntary bar associations, there are also numerous for-profit organizations that offer attorney referral services in Georgia.

Are There Any Fees for Using an Attorney Referral Service?

Although there are typically fees associated with using an attorney referral service, generally there are no fees for individuals seeking to connect with an attorney. Thus, you should try and utilize an attorney referral service in order to avoid the confusion of tracking down an attorney that is qualified to handle your particular legal issue.

The reason that there are no fees for utilizing an attorney referral service is because typically it is the attorney that is the party that bears the cost of the attorney referral service, not the person seeking legal representation. For example, an attorney may pay a fee in order to be listed in an attorney referral service network. Attorneys do this in order to be connected with potential clients.

What Should I Do Before Utilizing an Attorney Referral Service in Georgia?

Before utilizing an attorney referral service in Georgia, it is important that you properly prepare for the questions you will likely be asked by the service provider. The more prepared you are before utilizing an attorney referral service, the less time you will need to spend explaining your legal problem.

Therefore, you should first prepare an honest written statement outlining your legal issues, as well as organize any related evidence or legal documents. Once you find an attorney that you believe is suited to handle your particular legal issue, it is important to provide that attorney with any legal documents that you may have already received from another party, especially if the lawsuit has already commenced.

LegalMatch is another tool that can assist you in locating a well qualified and knowledgeable Georgia attorney in your area, who is qualified to assist you with your particular legal needs. LegalMatch can help you find a local Georgia attorney, in a wide variety of different legal subjects. It is important that you connect with an experienced attorney, in order to make sure that any legal issue that you may have is properly addressed.