It can be difficult at times to find the right Georgia attorney for your situation.  Many people find it helpful to use a lawyer referral service, or LRS, to help get started.

Connecting with a lawyer in Georgia can be challenging, as the State Bar of Georgia does not have its own lawyer referral program.  Instead, you’d probably have to check if your local county has an independent bar association.  Some county bar associations maintain their own attorney referral services for county residents.  For instance, the Atlanta Bar Association and the Cobb County Bar Association offer LRS services.

You may have a legal issue that is unique.  Georgia also has several “special purpose bar associations” that focus on particular legal fields or certain portions of the population.  A few examples of special purpose legal organizations are the Georgia Asian Pacific American Bar Association and the IndusBar of Georgia.  These associations can put you in touch with an attorney who can represent your interests or the interests of specific group.  Private lawyer referral services are also abundant in Georgia.

Most lawyer referral services work by providing you with the contact information of a lawyer who handles issues similar to yours.  You will be responsible for contacting the lawyer for initial consultation, which may cost a fee.  Also, some LRS groups charge fees for the overall referral service.  You are never obliged to hire a lawyer that an LRS groups refers to you- it’s up to you if you wish to retain them as your counsel. 

While referral services can help get your search started, the selection of available lawyers can sometimes be limited, especially with smaller LRS groups.  Furthermore, not all Georgia legal groups do referrals.  Some websites such as Lawyer Referral Services allow you to compare referral services in your state or county.