When it is time to hire a lawyer in Rhode Island, where should you start looking?  A good first step is to use an attorney referral service.  These services point you in the right direction by only referring lawyers that specialize in the field of law you are concerned with.

The Rhode Island Bar Association offers a handy attorney referral service.  This service is reached by telephone.  After providing some basic information about yourself and your legal issue, a lawyer referral will be provided to you.  This service is free of charge.  Also, the initial consultation with your lawyer is free of charge.

There are also many private attorney referral services available in Rhode Island.  Since these have a national or regional reach, they are able to offer a more complete service than the referral service maintained by the Rhode Island Bar.  These services are located online, which allows for 24 hour access.  Also, in addition to providing multiple referrals, most services include information about the lawyers being referred.  Finally, private referral services often maintain legal libraries on their website.  These services are generally free to use, and the cost for the initial consultation with your lawyer is usually around $0 – $50.

Having a legal issue come up in your life can be stressful, but the task of finding a lawyer to help you through your problem does not need to add to your stress.  Attorney referral services in Rhode Island can help ease and speed up the process of finding an attorney that is right for you.