Attorney referral services exist to connect people seeking attorney services with the attorneys available to provide those services. Attorney referral services are a sort of database that contains the contact information of attorneys who pay to be included in the service, and they use criteria provided by the seeking party to find a match and provide a referral. 

These services are generally provided at no cost and maintained by a State’s Bar Association, or other public resource provider. Some private attorney referral services are available, although they are not often free to use.

When needing legal help, many people do not know where to begin their search. This is where an attorney referral service comes in. The person seeking an attorney first contacts the referral service and gives relevant search criteria, such as their location and the area of law that concerns their legal issue. 

Once this information has been collected, the service will provide the person seeking with contact information for an attorney who meets this criteria. Most attorney referral services are an automated system, which provides instant contact information for an attorney based on the specifics provided by the person seeking attorney contact information.

Although automated systems have several advantages, such as accessibility, ease of use, and instant results, many people prefer to use an alternative. This is because automated systems do no not take financial needs into account, and often provide a recommendation that is not affordable for the person seeking an attorney. 

Additionally, automated referral services do not filter out attorneys who are not currently taking on new cases. Call-in referral services that utilize human operators can eliminate some of these issues.

It is important to note that not every attorney referral service is comprehensive due to the fact that attorneys typically pay a fee to be included in a referral services’ directory. Some attorneys will be included in some services but others.

How Can I Find an Attorney in Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Bar Association provides an attorney referral service that can be reached by telephone. Using the service is free of charge, as is your first consultation with your attorney. To utilize the Bar Association’s attorney referral service, you will provide some basic information about yourself and your legal issue. An attorney referral will then be provided for you.

There are also several private attorney referral services available in Rhode Island, most of which are online, allowing for 24/7 access. These services are generally able to offer a more complete and comprehensive service due to the fact that they have a national or regional reach. 

Private attorney referral services will usually provide several referrals at once, as opposed to the one referral at a time provided by the Rhode Island Bar Association, as well as additional information about the referred attorney. This information could include educational and case history, whereas the Bar Association simply provides contact information.

How Can LegalMatch Help Me Find an Attorney in Rhode Island?

While attorney referral services, whether private or provided by the state Bar Association, are a helpful resource, they are not always the best option. You may wonder if the referred attorney is actually best suited to take your case, or if they were simply next in the service’s queue to be referred. 

Additionally, as previously mentioned, some Bar Associations charge for their services. This fee typically ranges between $20 and $25 for a referral. Finally, most Bar Association referrals do not include any information regarding the attorney’s educational or work history. Although private referral services cover most of what a Bar Association may lack, there is still a fee to utilize their service, which may be a barrier for many people seeking legal help.

LegalMatch exists to simplify the process by moving away from the attorney referral format. Instead of finding only one attorney, instead you can pick the right attorney based on your needs. Every attorney that you can find through LegalMatch is pre-screened, meaning each attorney is Bar licensed, has good references, andin good standing with their state’s Bar Association. 

Additionally, LegalMatch allows those seeking an attorney to review detailed information about all prospective attorney matches. This includes:

  • The attorney’s educational history such as their law school and undergraduate education;
  • The attorney’s legal experience;
  • The types of cases they have handled;
  • Their legal fees and what they charge; and 
  • Ratings from other clients that they have previously represented.

Finally, you will only need to state your legal issue once with LegalMatch. With other attorney referral services, whether automated or human operated, you may find that you are having to repeat yourself throughout the search process.

LegalMatch allows you to post your case anonymously, with potential attorney matches being able to view the details of your case without seeing your name. This service is completely confidential throughout the process.