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Ohio Bar Association Lawyer Referral Services

If you are looking for a lawyer in Ohio and do not know where to begin, what resources are available to you? The Ohio State Bar Association might seem like a good choice. Unfortunately, it does not offer an attorney referral service.

The Ohio State Bar can at least point you in the right direction. Its website includes contact information for over a dozen County Bar Associations. These County Bar Associations maintain their own attorney referral services.

Some of the larger County Bar Associations (like Cuyahoga County and the Cincinnati Bar Association) offer an online referral service. After filling out a short form, the lawyer referrals are provided by e-mail one or two days later. However, most of the County Associations only offer lawyer referrals by telephone.

If instead you would prefer a more complete service, you might want to consider using a private attorney referral service. These services usually provide several lawyer referrals, and the better ones will limit the referrals to those lawyers that are available and interested in taking you as a client. Finally, these private referral services usually maintain a large legal database on their websites for your use.

If you live in Columbus or the greater Franklin County area, you can review all the services available at the Lawyer Referral Services of Franklin County, OH

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