Looking for a lawyer in Arkansas can be a difficult experience for those unfamiliar with the legal profession.  Aside from checking the phone book, many people do not know where to turn.  Luckily, there are some online options that can make finding an attorney a much easier process.  

The Arkansas Bar Association offers an easy-to-use, although limited, “Findalawyer” service on its website.  After inputting the legal area you are concerned with and your location, a list of attorneys meeting those criteria is presented.

While the Arkansas Bar’s service is free to use, it has several drawbacks.  The list of lawyers presented only includes contact details – no other information is provided.  Also, the list can be a bit overwhelming, with no way to further refine your search. 

A better option for many people would be to use a private attorney referral service.  These are also online, but offer a more complete service.  For example, they offer multiple referrals that are tailored to your needs, but usually also include information about those attorneys.  These services also often keep legal libraries on their websites.  Finally, these services are generally free to use, and the cost for your initial meeting with your lawyer is kept low.

Using either the Arkansas Bar’s service or a private attorney referral service is a great first step in finding a lawyer.  These services point you in the right direction, helping find an attorney who is qualified to tackle your legal issue.