Looking for a lawyer can be a difficult task.  Luckily, people in Arizona have great resources available to them to help make this job easier.

The State Bar of Arizona’s website offers an easy-to-use and useful attorney referral service.  After inputting your location and the area of law that you are concerned with, a list of lawyers appears.  You can also indicate a preferred language and law school if you want. 

All of the lawyer referrals provided by the Arizona Bar include basic information about the attorneys.  This includes their education, date admitted to the Bar, and any disciplinary action taken against the lawyer.  Also, many of the referrals have an extended profile, which includes a short biography, work history, and photo of the lawyer.

Finally, in addition to the Arizona Bar’s service, 2 county bar associations offer their own lawyer referrals.  Both Maricopa County (which includes Phoenix) and Pima County (which includes Tucson) maintain attorney referral services.  These services are reached by telephone. The services are free to use, and the fee for your first visit with your lawyer is only $35. Follow this link for online information about finding a lawyer in Maricopa County or the greater Phoenix area: Lawyer Referral Services in Maricopa County, Arizona.