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How do I search for an attorney in California?

The State Bar Association of California does not provide for attorney referrals. If you are searching for a specific attorney, much information is available at the State Bar of California website. You may enter in the person’s name under the “Attorney Search” feature, which will then yield related information about that particular lawyer’s bar membership. 

What type of attorney information is available on the Internet?

The “Attorney Search” database found at the State Bar Association of California provides the following information on its members: 

The lawyer’s Membership Status may either be: Active, Inactive, Not Eligible, Resigned, or Disbarred. The database does not provide information on former legal professionals who are deceased, or those who are currently serving as a judge in a court of law. 
Information is also available as to whether they are a “certified legal specialist” in a particular field of law.  

What Should I Be Checking or When Searching for an Attorney?

Where Can I Find a California Attorney?

There are many reliable sources that will help you find a California lawyer. You can use LegalMatch to match you with an experienced local lawyer. But you can find a lawyer through the California State Bar Website.

What If I Wish to File a Complaint about a California Lawyer?

The State Bar website also provides a link under “Attorney Complaints” where complaints about members may be filed. The site also includes details about its system of discipline for their members. 

You can also obtain a certificate of standing from the State Bar Association regarding any specific member. The certificate is a written statement that verifies whether they have a record of public discipline, and whether they are currently in good standing with the bar. It does not provide details about any reasons why an attorney may have been subject to discipline. As of August 2017, the certificate is available for a fee of $25.

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