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 What are Attorney Referral Services?

Attorney referral services can be described as comprehensive databases containing the contact information of numerous attorneys.

When people find themselves in need of legal representation, they may be unsure of where to start their search. This is where attorney referral services come into play. These service providers maintain an extensive network of attorneys and connect clients in need of legal assistance with suitable lawyers within their network.

To access most attorney referral services, you must first contact the service provider and provide relevant search criteria, such as location and the type of legal experience required. The referral service then supplies the client with contact information for an attorney who practices in the relevant area of law and can assist with their specific legal matter.

The majority of attorney referral services operate as automated systems. Once clients submit a completed form containing the necessary search criteria, the automated system directs them to an attorney within the service’s network who meets their requirements. These automated systems offer instant contact information for an appropriate attorney.

One of the primary advantages of utilizing an automated system is the ability to access instant information about an attorney within the network. Additionally, automated systems cater to those with difficulty using a phone.

However, the contact information provided by these automated systems can be quite limited and basic. This means the referred attorney might not be the best fit for the client’s specific needs, may not accept new cases, or may not consider the client’s financial constraints.

As a result, some clients may prefer to use call-in referral services with human operators, as these services can provide a more personalized experience.

A state’s Bar Association or other public resource providers typically offer attorney referral services and are usually free for clients to use. The attorneys included in the referral directory often pay a fee to be listed, which covers the cost of operating the service.

Not every service is all-encompassing. Some attorneys pay to be listed in certain services, while others opt for different services. Private referral services also exist and may charge clients for their services.

How Can I Find an Attorney in Missouri?

The state and local Bar Associations in Missouri are excellent starting points for those seeking an attorney.

The Missouri Bar Association offers an attorney referral service that provides statewide attorney referrals. Clients can access this service by phone or by completing an online form. Although there is a $25 fee for using the service, the initial consultation with an attorney is free.

The Missouri Bar Association’s services do not cover the cities of St. Louis, Kansas City, or Springfield, as these cities have their own Bar Associations that maintain separate attorney referral services.

The Kansas City Bar’s service provides attorney referrals free of charge via phone or email. However, unlike the Missouri Bar Association, it does not waive any consultation fees.

The St. Louis Bar Association also offers an attorney referral service accessible by phone or email. Clients using this service can expect a response time of up to two days and will be charged $30 for the service. In exchange, the first consultation with an attorney is free.

Springfield’s Bar Association provides a limited referral service, which is free to use. Clients simply enter their required area of law, and the service generates a list of attorneys who practice in that field.

For those seeking attorney referrals in St. Louis County, Lawyer Referral Services in St. Louis County is a helpful resource that connects potential clients with attorneys and provides links to public, private, and online referral services.

Lawyer Referral Services in Jackson County offers similar information and connections specifically for Jackson County, Missouri.

What Types of Cases Can I Use an Attorney Referral Service For?

Attorney referral services can be used for a wide range of legal issues, as they connect you with attorneys who practice in various areas of law. Below are some examples of cases for which you can use an attorney referral service:

  1. Personal Injury Cases: If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may require an attorney who practices personal injury law. Examples of personal injury cases include car accidents, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and defective product injuries.
  2. Family Law Cases: For matters related to family law, an attorney referral service can connect you with a lawyer who practices in this area. Examples of family law cases include divorce, child custody and support, adoption, and prenuptial agreements.
  3. Criminal Defense Cases: If you have been accused of a crime and need legal representation, an attorney referral service can help you find a criminal defense attorney. Examples of criminal defense cases include DUI/DWI, drug possession, theft, assault, and white-collar crimes.
  4. Employment Law Cases: For disputes related to your employment, you may require an attorney who practices in employment law. Examples of employment law cases include wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, and whistleblowing.
  5. Estate Planning and Probate Cases: If you need assistance with estate planning, creating a will or trust, or handling the probate process after the death of a loved one, an attorney referral service can connect you with an estate planning and probate attorney.
  6. Business and Corporate Law Cases: For legal matters related to starting, operating, or dissolving a business, an attorney referral service can help you find a business or corporate law attorney. Examples of business law cases include contract disputes, partnership disputes, intellectual property issues, and regulatory compliance.
  7. Bankruptcy Cases: If you are considering filing for bankruptcy or need assistance with managing your debts, an attorney referral service can connect you with a bankruptcy attorney who can guide you through the process.
  8. Immigration Cases: For legal matters related to immigration, such as applying for a visa or green card or facing deportation proceedings, an attorney referral service can help you find an immigration attorney who practices in this area of law.
  9. Real Estate Cases: If you are involved in a real estate transaction or dispute, an attorney referral service can connect you with a real estate attorney. Examples of real estate cases include buying or selling property, landlord-tenant disputes, zoning issues, and title disputes.
  10. Intellectual Property Cases: For legal matters related to protecting or enforcing your intellectual property rights, an attorney referral service can help you find an intellectual property attorney. Examples of intellectual property cases include patent, trademark, and copyright infringement, as well as trade secret disputes.

How Can LegalMatch Help Me Find an Attorney in Missouri?

LegalMatch is one of the largest online attorney referral services, offering a free platform for clients to find attorneys across all areas of law.

If you are looking for an attorney in Missouri, LegalMatch can help you find a qualified attorney who meets your specific legal needs.

Here are the steps to follow to use LegalMatch:

  1. Go to the LegalMatch website and select “Missouri” as your state.
  2. Provide some basic information about your legal issue, such as the type of case, your location, and the date of the incident.
  3. LegalMatch will match you with attorneys in Missouri who have experience handling cases similar to yours.
  4. You can review the attorney’s profiles and compare their qualifications, experience, and fees.
  5. Once you have reviewed the attorneys’ profiles, you can choose to contact one or more attorneys through LegalMatch’s secure messaging system.
  6. After you contact an attorney, they will review your case and provide you with an initial consultation to discuss your legal options.

LegalMatch offers a convenient and efficient way to find an attorney in Missouri, and their service is completely free for clients. By using LegalMatch, you can save time and effort in searching for the right attorney and increase your chances of finding a qualified legal professional who can help you with your case.


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