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Indiana is known for its conservative political climate, and it has passed a number of laws in harmony with this ideology.  According to recent statistics, most lawyers in the Buckeye State believe that their state judiciary is fair and reasonable.

In 1991, Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc., the U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision that helped define the government’s authority to regulate expressive conduct.  In Barnes, the Court found that an Indiana Statute requiring erotic dancers to wear at least pasties and g-strings was constitutional.  Specifically, the court held that Indiana had authority to regulate the expressive conduct at issue based on its substantial interest in protecting the morals and order of society.  The High Court found that while erotic dancing is considered expressive conduct under the First Amendment, it is subject to time, place, and manner restrictions.  By requiring dancers to wear pasties and g-strings, the statute did not prevent dancers from conveying their erotic message; and the statute was narrowly tailored to effectuate the government’s interest in preventing public nudity.

In 2008, The U.S. Supreme Court again considered an Indiana law in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board.  In Crawford, the Court upheld Indiana’s Public Law 109-2005, often called the strictest voter identification law in the nation.  The Indiana law requires voters to present a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, in order to cast their ballot.  In its decision, the Court found that Indiana had a neutral and sufficiently strong interest in preventing voter fraud.  Indiana’s law has been the source of much controversy, as some claim that laws like it prevent poor and disenfranchised voters from voting, while others claim it is necessary to prevent corruption of the democratic process.

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According to a recent Harris Interactive Poll measuring attorneys’ perceptions of their states’ judicial systems, Indiana ranked twelfth in the nation in reasonableness and fairness.  If you are searching for a lawyer to help you navigate Indiana’s court system, can help.  LegalMatch is a free lawyer-matching resource geared towards clients facing a number of legal issues, including divorce, personal injury, and bankruptcy.

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