Having a legal issue arise in your life can be a stressful experience.  Many people feel that the job of hiring a lawyer adds to this stress.  However, if you live in Minnesota there are resources available to you that make this task much easier.

The Minnesota State Bar Association offers an easy-to-use attorney referral service on its website.  This service asks you to simply input the area of law that you are concerned with, the county you live in, and any language requirements you have.  The service then provides a list of lawyers who fit your needs.  This service is free of charge.  Also, your initial 30 minute consultation with your lawyer is free.

If you would prefer a local approach, 2 county bar associations in Minnesota offer their own attorney referral service.  Both the Hennepin County Bar (covering Minneapolis) and the Ramsey County Bar (covering St. Paul) offer lawyer referrals.
These services both charge a $30 fee, although the Hennepin Bar will waive this fee for personal injury, malpractice, product liability, and workmen?s compensation cases.  Your initial consultation is free.

Finally, many people choose to use private attorney referral services.  These services have an online presence, and can be found with a quick web search.  Most will give several lawyer referrals, and usually offer information about both the lawyers they are referring as well as general legal information.  These private referral services are mostly free to use, and many have negotiated a low fee for your initial consultation with your lawyer. legalMatch is the Internet’s oldest and largest private attorney finding service, so if you need to find a Minnesota lawyer, use LegalMatch!