Connecting with the right attorney can be a challenging experience. The State of Georgia has several lawyer referral services that is sponsored by local bar associations at the city and county level and they are created to help the public find an attorney that has been pre-screened for his or her good standing before the Georgia Bar and experience in the needed practice area of the law. The Georgia lawyer referral services also make sure that the attorney has malpractice insurance.

What is the State Bar of Georgia?

Many people start their search for an attorney by inquiring in their state bar. Unfortunately, like many states, the State Bar of Georgia does not have its own attorney referral service. Instead, the State Bar of Georgia keeps a list of lawyer referral services, in which they prescreened. These services range from local lawyer referrals to national organizations that are focused on a specific subject, like family law or bankruptcy.

The State Bar of Georgia also has programs for low income Georgians that can qualify for free or low cost civil legal assistance through their legal aid or pro bono program. This program can be found at Georgia Legal Aid website which gives a full list of civil legal assistance programs.

What is the Georgia Bar Association?

The Georgia Bar Association is a statewide association that provides legal information for people to find lawyers, learn about the law, and coordinate legal services. It is also a key resource for lawyers that practice in Georgia, and offers membership benefits like discounted continuing education classes and networking opportunities.

They offer a wide range of programs, like a Law Practice Management Program and a program to help new lawyers transition into law practice. They also will help military personnel/veterans receive legal assistance at a discounted price.

It also allows members of the public, those who have recently hired and used the services of a Georgia lawyer, to file a complaint. The complaint is not for those who lost their case and are simply unhappy with the outcome. Instead the complaint forms are a chance for members of the public to report attorney misconduct, like ethical violations or malpractice.

There are very important steps to take, including providing any evidence, details as to the nature of the misconduct, and information about the attorney (including address, case number, the type of case, etc.).

How Can Local County Bar Associations Help Me Find a Lawyer?

Several county bar associations in Georgia have their own attorney referral services. These services often will provide lawyer referrals for the neighboring counties as well. Contact information for these lawyer referral services, plus a list of what areas they cover, can be found at the American Bar Association’s website.

Keep in mind that these referral services will only help you find a lawyer to help. It does not mean that the attorney’s legal services will be free or discounted. If you are in need of free/discounted legal help then check out the next section for more information.

How Can I Find Free Legal Help in the State of Georgia?

If you need legal help but can’t afford to pay for an attorney, then a referral service is not always the best option. Instead you will want to reach out to a local Georgia Legal Aid service. However, keep in mind that most legal aid groups require that you meet the follow criteria:

  • You belong to a certain group, like veterans, elderly, or people with disabilities;
  • You live in a certain region. Many legal aid groups offer services to limited areas in order to ensure that they offer the best services for the largest possible area; and/or
  • You would be considered low-income.

However, many other groups offer services for very specific issues, like if you’re facing eviction or are dealing with domestic violence. You can find the right Legal Aid group by determining your needs and understanding your finances, to determine if you qualify as low-income.

How Can LegalMatch Help Find a Lawyer?

There are also private services such as LegalMatch are located online, and can easily be found with a quick search. Most of them prescreen their lawyers, offer multiple lawyer referrals, and include information about the lawyers they are referring. At LegalMatch, you can post your case to a lawyer for free online within minutes.

LegalMatch’s free online legal matching works in a 3-step process, which is easy to complete, highly effective and protects your privacy. The absolute latest in technology enables you to confidentially find the right lawyer for you. Once you submit your case to LegalMatch, a lawyer that is matched to your case will call you if they are interested and want to represent you. Remember, once you’ve been matched it’s up to you and your attorney to figure out the legal fees and the plan going forward, so be prepared to let them know what you need.