Many people do not know where to turn when they need to hire a lawyer.  Using an attorney referral service is a good first step in finding a lawyer that is qualified to deal with the legal issue facing you.

The Connecticut Bar Association offers a limited lawyer referral service on its website.  After selecting the legal area you are concerned with, the service provides a statewide list of lawyers that practice in that field of law.  This list can then be narrowed by indicating the county you are in.  This service is free to use.

Several county bar associations in Connecticut offer their own attorney referral services.  Contact information and the areas that each service covers can be found on the American Bar Association?s (ABA) website.  These services can all be reached by telephone, and will provide one lawyer referral.  There is a small fee to use these services, in most cases about $25.

Finally, there are also private attorney referral services that are easily found online.  These services are national or regional in reach, and offer advantages to those services provided by local bar associations.  Private attorney referral services usually provide multiple lawyer referrals, and also include information about the lawyers.  These services also often maintain a free legal library on their websites.  Lastly, these services are free to use, and your initial meeting with your lawyer is kept to a low fee.