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Learn More About Virginia Beach, VA

Situated on the historic Chesapeake Bay, Virginia Beach is Virginia’s most populous city and home to some prominent Newport News lawyers. In 1607, Captain John Smith made landfall on the shores of the Chesapeake, only to eventually retreat inland to avoid attack from rival Spanish fleets. Captain Smith and his group of over 100 colonists eventually settled Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World, 60 miles inland.

Today, Virginia Beach is a popular tourist destination, as well as one of the premier surfing locations on the East Coast. Virginia Beach is also home to over 500 attorneys.  Virginia Beach also has a thriving economy with a list of top employers including Amerigroup, Operation Blessing International, Stihl, GEICO, VT, and Navy Exchange Service Command.

If you have a legal problem in Virginia Beach, choosing the right Virginia Beach lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take in addressing your legal issue. is an attorney client matching service that can help you find an excellent, pre-screened Virginia Beach lawyer experienced with your legal issue. Tell about your problem, and we will match you with a local Virginia Beach lawyer that knows your rights and is ready to help you resolve your problem.

Virginia Beach attorneys practice in a variety of legal fields. These include: personal injury litigation, criminal law, immigration law, business law, family law, and many others. Virginia Beach lawyers also work in the public interest through groups such as the Virginia Beach Bar Foundation. The Foundation sponsors grants to worthy causes in the Virginia Beach area that benefit Virginia residents and the community at large.

Virginia Beach attorneys are familiar with the Virginia Beach court system, which includes the Circuit Court, the General District Court, and the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Although all licensed Virginia attorneys are qualified to practice anywhere in Virginia, local Virginia Beach lawyers know their court’s local rules and procedures. They are also familiar with local judges and attorneys. If you have a legal problem in Virginia Beach, let help you find a local attorney that is ready to help you.

Before speaking to a Virginia Beach lawyer, you may want to know more about your legal issue. offers a variety of free online legal resources. LegalMatch’s extensive LawLibrary consists of over 3000 legal articles on a variety of topics. Our top 20 legal tips contain important advice on topics such as helping you understand legal fees, and developing a strategic legal plan.

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