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Learn More About Salem, VA

Salem is located in the state of Virginia in what is known as the Roanoke Metropolitan statistical area. It is an independent city with a population of about 25,000. Salem was founded in 1802 and incorporated in 1836. It officially became a city in 1967.
The city of Salem is situated in the scenic area of the Shenandoah Valley, which is between the Alleghany and Blue Ridge Mountains. The Roanoke River is a major feature of Salem’s rustic scenery. Salem has a very fruitful educational background, and has been home to two colleges- the Virginia Institute, and Elizabeth College. Currently Salem enjoys a high amount of regard in terms of athletic programs, including high school, college, and minor league professional teams. Salem has grown from humble beginnings to a major nexus of commercial and residential services.
In recent Salem legal news, a gas station was sued by Virginia’s Attorney General for violations of state price-gouging statutes and consumer protection provisions.  The case was filed in March 2010 in Salem Circuit Court. The suit is among a string of legal claims over gasoline price increases due to shortages caused by Hurricanes Gustav and Ike. The Salem gas station was charging customers over $5 per gallon. The complaint requests the judge to order the gas station to reimburse its customers and pay fines totaling up to $2,500 per violation. Additionally, the attorney general is asking that the company reimburse the state for legal expenses. The office of the attorney general has instructed customers who have been price-gouged to approach the gas station with a receipt for a reimbursement. Similar suits have also been filed against several other gas stations in the state.
Lawsuits involving consumer protection can affect large amounts of citizens in one action. These types of suits often involve reimbursements to customers and can require the assistance of a lawyer. If you feel you have a legal claim, there are many lawyers servicing the city of Salem. can help you find the right lawyer, free of charge. After completing an online application, LegalMatch will match the client with an attorney in the area.
Legal claims arising in Salem are heard in the Roanoke County General District Court, which is located in Salem. The district court has jurisdiction over civil cases involving claims less than $15,000, and criminal misdemeanors. It also presides over various traffic, juvenile and small claims hearings. More complex claims such as the gas station cases are heard at the Salem Circuit Court. The circuit court hears cases involving claims greater than $15,000.
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