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Learn More About Mechanicsville, VA

Mechanicsville is located in Hanover County and is historically known for being the location of many minor American Civil War battles. Notable Mechanicsville residents include singer/songwriter Jason Mraz, NASCAR brothers Kevin and Wayne Grubb, and the Republican Lieutenant Governor of Virginia Bill Bolling.

Some Mechanicsville residents work as local lawyers who are familiar with courts and procedures. Lawyers in Mechanicsville advise their clients on many different kinds of cases; some typical examples include: bankruptcy, divorce, auto injury, probate, and criminal cases like DUI and assault charges.

Recently in Mechanicsville, Daniel Caleb Young was arrested following a confrontation in a local motel bar. Deputies were dispatched to the Dew Drop Inn for a disturbance where they found Young allegedly boisterously arguing with staff and patrons. He was jailed and charged with disturbance of the public peace.

If you have pending criminal charges in Mechanicsville then you will probably be heading to the Hanover County General District Court. Virginia District Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, traffic, as well as DUI and DWI cases. District courts can hear custody and support cases but divorce proceedings must be filed with a circuit court. Hanover County Circuit Courts also hear other cases like felony criminal, domestic relations, mental health, civil, probate, and real property with no maximum amount.

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