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Learn More About Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County is the most heavily populated jurisdiction in Virginia, boasting about 1.1 million residents. Fairfax County is located in Northern Virginia, and has the second-highest median household income in the nation. Fairfax County is also located close to Washington D.C., with the Potomac River bordering Fairfax County on the north and southeast. Fairfax County is becoming quite well known for its thriving business center, Tysons Corner, which is approximately the same size as Lower Manhattan.

Notable: Recently, the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court and Division of Child Support Enforcement began piloting a new child support program in Fairfax County. The Intensive Case Monitoring Program (ICMP) helps the court collect more child support obligations while decreasing the need to incarcerate offenders. Fairfax County judges are now authorized to order non-custodial parents to join the ICMP instead of ordering them to jail. ICMP caseworkers help non-custodial parents find jobs, housing and educational services so that they can better meet their support obligations in the future.

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