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Learn More About Newport News, VA

Newport News’ population is estimated at 180,000, making it Virginia’s fifth most populous city.  Many Newport News residents, such as Virginia Beach lawyers, flock to The Oyster Point City Center, a recently renovated commercial development.

Newport News has miles of waterfront that support a strong boating industry and serve as a key location for the U.S. Army base at Fort Eustis.  Newport News’ economy is largely based on the military, shipbuilding, and aerospace industries.  Research and education also fuel Newport News’ economy. For example, the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility specializes in nuclear research, and works with local industries to apply its technology to the business sector.

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Recently, former NFL star Michael Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in his hometown of Newport News.  By filing, Vick may be able to salvage some of his estimated $10 million in current assets, although any future earnings will not be protected.  Vick continues to serve a 23-month sentence in a Leavenworth, Kansas prison, for violating federal dog fighting laws.  Filing for Chapter 11 allows the debtor to keep his or her current assets while attempting to settle with creditors.

Newport News lawyers can guide you through legal procedures, such as filing for bankruptcy or divorce.  Over 250 lawyers practice in Newport News, and they specialize in a wide variety of areas, including personal injury and real estate law.

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LegalMatch can find you the perfect Newport News lawyer to direct your case through the Newport News court system, which includes the Newport News Circuit Court, the Newport News Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court, and the Newport News Traffic General District Court.  At no charge, LegalMatch will connect you with a pre-screened Newport News lawyer, who is an expert in the Newport News Circuit Court Local Rules of Court.

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