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Learn More About Chesterfield County, VA

Chesterfield County is the fourth largest county by population in the state, and it is very rich in history. During the Civil War, Chesterfield County played a strategic role for both sides. In 1862, a Union fleet of ships led by the ironclad U.S.S. Monitor steamed up the James River towards the capital of the Confederacy only to be turned away by the Confederate guns at Drewry’s Bluff.

Chesterfield is a well-known county for a few reasons.  First off, in May of 2004 it was named the “17th Best Place to Live in America” by the American City Business Journals.  Further, it is home to NASCAR star Denny Hamlin.  Lastly, the Chairman of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, Roy F. Hoffmann has a residence in Chesterfield.  For these reasons, Chesterfield is well-recognized within the United States. 

If you have been served with legal process in Chesterfield County, you should strongly think about retaining one of the many experienced Chesterfield County lawyers as your legal counsel. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including criminal defense, DUI, burglary, divorce, personal injury, wills and estates, real property, land disputes, automobile accidents, contracts, business, and more.

Chesterfield County was recently the hot spot for determining the extent of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution in regards to religion. Chesterfield County has a very diverse religious population which ranges from Christianity to Wiccan. The Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors opens each of its meetings with a prayer delivered by a member of the community. A Wiccan wrote to the board asking if she could deliver the prayer, but was ultimately refused the honor with many of the board members mocking her religion. The ACLU took up the case and filed suit in federal district court, where the Wiccan was victorious. The Board successfully appealed to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court which held that the Board had allowed leaders from a variety of religions to deliver the opening prayer, and as such, had met the Constitution’s requirement of not advancing one religion over another. The US Supreme Court decided not to hear an appeal of this ruling in favor of Chesterfield County.

When you need to respond to legal charges against you, you will most likely report to the Chesterfield Circuit Court. Heading to court by yourself in Chesterfield County can be a daunting task, especially when you take into considering the time it will take to gather all the necessary evidence to be successful. However, a local attorney can speed this process up for you and take care of many of the small details that are important. can help you find and hire a Chesterfield County lawyer for your situation. By taking the information you give us about your legal matter, we search through our extensive database of lawyers. Best of all, this service is entirely free for you, and we will never pressure you to retain any of the lawyers that contact you.

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