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Learn More About Leesburg, VA

Not far away from the Washington D.C., Leesburg is primarily a bedroom community for commuters. However, classifying Leesburg as a bedroom community does not imply it is void of history. Leesburg took root in 1757 after the British ordered a courthouse to be built at the intersection of two major roads, and in 1758 the Virginia General Assembly founded the town of Leesburg, naming the city after Thomas Lee. In 2008, Leesburg celebrated its 250th birthday.

If you have a legal problem facing you in Loudoun County, a Leesburg lawyer is exactly the person that you need. Leesburg has a thriving downtown area that is full of experienced attorneys that are excited to represent you in bankruptcy, tax litigation, personal injury cases, estate planning, civil rights actions, land disputes, or any other legal matter.

A Leesburg attorney is currently representing a group of child-care providers in their lawsuit against the Lansdowne Home Owner’s Association in Loudoun County Circuit Court. The child-care providers are challenging the HOA’s proposed amendment to the community’s covenants. As it currently stands, day-care centers that are based out of the owners’ homes can have a maximum of nine children enrolled, but the HOA wants to limit this number to five.

The lawyers in Leesburg are ideally situated to take care of any legal problem that you may have. Not only are both the Loudoun Circuit Court and the Loudoun General District Court located in downtown Leesburg, but the Supreme Court of the United States is less than an hour away. With their proximity to so many state and federal courts, it would be to your advantage to hire an attorney from Leesburg.

If you have legal troubles in Loudoun County, LegalMatch can help you find a Leesburg attorney. By using our free online service, you can find a Leesburg attorney that is experienced in the laws that are pertinent to your situation. All of the attorneys that are matched with you are in good standing with the state bar and are ready and willing to assist you.

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