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Learn More About Blacksburg, VA

The town of Blacksburg is in Montgomery County and home to 40,000 Virginians. Blacksburg is the highest populated town in Viriginia and was home to some newsworthy people like American architect Thomas M. Price, Henry Lee Lucas, and heavyweight Greco-Roman wrestler Bob Roop.  Other famous natives include Chairman & CEO of Google Eric Schmidt, NFL wide receiver for the Denver Broncos Brandon Stokley, historian George C. Herring, and American heavyweight wrestler Bob Roop.

Blacksburg is also home to many beautiful attractions.  Such attractions include Armory Art Gallery, the Caboose Park Recreation, Kent Square, Hahn Horticulture Garden, and Lyric Theatre.

Lawyers in Blacksburg take a diverse variety of cases including DUI, child support, wrongful death, real estate, green card immigration, and contract dispute cases. Blacksburg lawyers are a great for local cases because they are familiar with local courts and filing procedures.

Recently in Blacksburg, Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez petitioned a South Carolina court to dismiss the case against him because it was filed in the incorrect location. Rodriguez’s lawyer for the $26 million dollar lawsuit said the case should be filed in Virginia Federal Court since the disputed land is in that state. Rodriguez is being sued for allegedly defrauding a bank loan given to him and his partner to build an 80-unit condominium project that would have overlooked Virginia Tech’s Land Stadium.

If you have a lawsuit against you in Blacksburg, you will probably be visiting the local district or circuit court. The nearest is the Montgomery General District Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, traffic, DWI and DUI, as well as small claims cases not exceeding $4,500. The Montgomery Circuit Court in Christiansburg is exclusively responsible for domestic relations but also takes domestic relations, civil mental health, and many criminal cases that arise in Montgomery County.

Regardless of which court you file with, it’s crucial to have the very best Blacksburg lawyer on your side. LegalMatch is a free service that will match you with a selection of lawyers in your area who are familiar with your case type and local courts. LegalMatch also offers great reference sources like the Law Library that has over 4,000 articles and counting!

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