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Learn More About Fairfax, VA

The City of Fairfax is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Located just 20 minutes from Washington D.C., Fairfax is one of the country’s oldest cities. Its development from a rural crossroads to a cosmopolitan county seat means Fairfax is also home to a large number of attorneys.

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Finding a Fairfax lawyer may be difficult. makes it easier for you by matching your legal issue with a local Fairfax attorney experienced with your problem, completely free of charge. Tell about your issue, and we will find an outstanding, pre-screened Fairfax lawyer who knows your legal rights and is ready to help you.

Fairfax lawyers practice in various legal areas, including criminal defense law, divorce law, personal injury plaintiff litigation, bankruptcy filing, real estate transactions, and more.  Fairfax lawyers also help their community through the Fairfax County Bar Association, a non-profit professional organization of local attorneys. The association sponsors the Fairfax County Law foundation, which funds efforts such as the Northern Virginia Pro Bono law center.

Procure the Right Fairfax Criminal Lawyer or Fairfax Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense lawyers have been making headlines in Fairfax again after they managed to get the sentence for a death row inmate in Fairfax County vacated because the prosecutor withheld important evidence.  Prosecutors recently made the decision to retry the case in Fairfax rather than appeal the order to vacate the sentence.  This is a real life example of what having the right Fairfax criminal defense attorney can do to increase the odds of you winning your case.

Local Fairfax attorneys are familiar with the local Fairfax court system. They know the ins and outs of the Circuit Court, the General District Court and the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court

If you do not feel ready to talk to a lawyer or you just want to know more about your issue, explore’s wide variety of free online legal resources. Our Law Library contains over 3,000 legal articles and may be able to shed some light on your legal issue. Visit LegalMatch’s Legal Blogs, featuring opinions, facts, rulings and recent precedents in various areas of the law.

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