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Learn More About Cave Spring

Cave Spring may only be a census designated place but the area covers most of the affluent Roanoke suburb dubbed Southwest County by locals. Cave Spring has 25,000 Roanoke County residents who boast about local sports notables J.J. Redick, Tiki Barber, and his brother Ronde Barber who all attended Cave Spring High School.

Cave Spring is also home to notable local lawyers who know Roanoke County courts. Lawyers in Cave Spring advise on a broad selection of cases like bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, wrongful termination, and green card immigration cases.

Recently in Cave Spring, the family of a Roanoke County man that was killed in a chain reaction crash filed a $10 million lawsuit against the two people convicted in his death, Tracie Nininger and Jeffrey Dupree. The men were working for Draper Paving Company when the event happened. Nininger and Dupree were each sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison on involuntary manslaughter and DUI.

If you have a lawsuit to file in Cave Spring, you will be visiting the Roanoke City General District Court or the Roanoke County Circuit Court and file with the civil division. The Virginia District Courts retain exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, traffic, DWI, DUI, and ordinance violations. The circuit courts take many different kinds of cases like domestic relations, criminal, civil, and appeals. You’re best bet to ensure your case is handled correctly is by hiring a local Cave Spring lawyer.

LegalMatch is an easy and free method of pairing yourself with a Cave Spring lawyer who is guaranteed to be Virginia State Bar Association certified. LegalMatch can also help you research your case with their online law library.

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