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Learn More About Springfield, VA

Springfield is an unincorporated area in Fairfax County in the state of Virginia. It has over 30,000 residents and was founded as early as 1847 as a station for the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
Springfield was a primarily rural community until 1946, when efforts at suburban development began. Since then the area has grown substantially, with the population increasing from 10,000 to over 25,000 during the 1960-1970’s. The I-95/I-395 highway provides easy commuting access to Washington, D.C.
A main feature of Springfield’s current economy is the Springfield Mall, which has made the town a popular retail destination. Recent development plans include revitalizing the mall into a town center complete with office and residential services. Other popular places to shop in Springfield are the Springfield Shopping Center and the Brookfield Shopping Center. Springfield is also home to several excellent public schools. It has an extensive transportation system which includes the over half billion dollar Springfield Interchange highway project.
Springfield has recently become famous in legal news for a peculiar case involving indecent exposure. In April 2010, a Springfield jury acquitted a man who was arrested for drinking coffee while naked in his home. In October of 2009, a woman who was walking her son to school had to shield her son’s eyes from Eric Williams, who could be seen unclothed through a window in his home. A jury spent less than 20 minutes in deliberations, finding him not guilty. Indecent exposure in Virginia requires intent, and the jury found that the prosecutor failed to prove William’s intent. The case has made headlines and sparked a lot of publicity in the community of Springfield.
Legal issues are important and require the representation of an attorney. As a suburb of Washington D.C., residents of Springfield have access to a pool of outstanding attorneys to choose from. can help you find the right lawyer in the Springfield area. LegalMatch is an online company that provides free lawyer matching services for clients with legal claims.
If your case arises in the city of Springfield, you can file your claim in the Fairfax County General District Court. The district court has jurisdiction over various types of civil and criminal matters. More complex matters can be heard at the Fairfax Circuit Court
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