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Learn More About Dale City

Dale City may not be an incorporated city, but it is home to the Potomic Mills Mall which serves as the largest outlet shopping mall in the United States. Dale City is a Prince William County city that is home to 63,620 residents who enjoy local shopping and festivals.

A number of capable lawyers also call Dale City home. Lawyers in Dale City admit a broad range of cases, some normal examples include: divorce, chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful death, and real estate matters.

Recently in Dale City, the largest Prince William County embezzlement indictment to date was issued. The group accused of rigging bids to Prince William County’s contractor system include Maneesh Gupta, John Roessler, Vernon Rossler (his brother), and Richard Billingsley. They are accused of fabricating a company which won a 2004 Information Technology bid from the county, the investigation places $9 million sent directly to that company and $4 million was allegedly pocketed by the accused.

If you are accused of a crime in Dale City, you are likely to be summoned by the Criminal Division of the Prince William County Circuit Court in Manassas. Divorces and other domestic relations cases are also handled exclusively by the Family Division of the circuit court. The Virginia Judicial Branch is separated into different divisions with which to file.

Often, Dale City and Prince William County courts can be very confusing since they require you to adhere to a rigid filing process in conjunction to the use of legal jargon.  There is no better way to ease your experience than by hiring a Virginia State Bar Association approved lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch is a free method of pairing yourself with Dale City attorneys for free. There is an online law library on nearly every legal issue and even a great section with tips on selecting the best lawyer if you are looking for research or advice.

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