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Learn More About Reston, VA

Reston, VA was conceptualized as a planned community in western Fairfax County, designed to revolutionize existing concepts of land use as part of the New Town movement following World War II. Reston’s guiding development principles stress quality of life and incorporate natural preservation within the community. 

Modern day Reston is part of the Dulles Technology Corridor, and is home to multiple Fortune 500 corporations and other large businesses. Reston also offers a number of recreation activities, including 55 miles of pedestrian and bicycle pathways, the 72-acre Vernon J. Walker Nature Education Center, and the Reston Historic Museum.

If you have a legal issue, you may require the services of a Reston lawyer. Lawyers in Reston are experienced in handling cases involving family, real estate, business, or personal injury disputes, or any other issue you may face.

Reston lawyers recently litigated a lawsuit filed against Boeing Satellite Systems International by Reston-based ICO Global Communications Limited. ICO accused Boeing of breach of contract and fraud with regard to satellite pricing. ICO also claimed that Boeing committed fraud in failing to launch satellites contracted for by ICO. ICO was awarded at least $371 million in 2008; a later court hearing will determine the total amount of punitive damages.

Reston, as a part of Fairfax County, is served by three trial courts: a Circuit Court, General District Court, and Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court. Residents may also deal with the Court of Appeals of Virginia or the Supreme Court of Virginia. Attorneys in Reston may argue your case in any of these courts, depending on your unique situation. A local Reston attorney can help you to navigate this legal system.

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