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Learn More About Arlington, VA

Arlington lies directly across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. and has a population of approximately 208,000.  Arlington is perhaps best known as home to the Pentagon and Arlington National Cemetery.  Arlington also has pleasant residential areas, which offer almost 200 public parks and playgrounds, as well as 86 miles of biking/jogging trails.  Arlington County has a diverse population, and more than one out of three Arlington County residents speaks a language other than English at home.

Arlington’s housing sector is growing, and the city has been praised for implementing smart growth development strategies, such as concentrating most of its new development near transit facilities and encouraging mixed-use and pedestrian development.  Arlington’s economy benefits from a large federal government presence and a substantial private sector employment base located close to its mass transit rail stations.  Further, Arlington is home to over 1,000 attorneys, many of whom belong to the Arlington County Bar Association.

If you are facing a legal problem, it might seem overwhelming to try to find the right Arlington lawyer for your particular needs.  However, can make this process easy by putting you in touch with an excellent Arlington lawyer, free of charge.  Just explain your problem to, and they will match you with a pre-screened, well-qualified Arlington lawyer.

Arlington lawyers practice a wide variety of law, including criminal defense law, real estate law, divorce law, and personal bankruptcy law.  Recently, the Virginia Supreme Court found a state anti-spam law unconstitutional as a violation of the First Amendment right to free and anonymous speech.  Arlington-based attorney, Jon Praed, criticized the court’s decision in a recent Washington Post article, suggesting that lawmakers could easily amend the law to restrict the statute to commercial email only. will match you with a lawyer who can guide you through the Arlington General District Court and the Arlington Circuit Court.  If you are not ready to meet with an Arlington lawyer at this time, you may search LegalMatch’s Law Library, which holds over 3000 articles.  You may also search the frequently asked questions.

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