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Learn More About Alexandria, VA

Located 6 miles from Washington DC on the west bank of the Potomac River, Alexandria is one of America’s most historic communities. The Old Town historic district is known for its museums, architecture, special events, fine restaurants and hotels, and other attractions that draw more than 1.5 million visitors a year.

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Its proximity to the nation’s capital means that Alexandria has an important and prestigious legal community. If you have a legal issue that needs to be resolved, it is important to know as much as possible about your issue and the attorneys that can help you. can help you become informed about local Alexandria lawyers, and can match you with an outstanding pre-screened Alexandria lawyer, free of charge.

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Alexandria attorneys practice in a variety of legal fields, including criminal law, family law, wills and trusts, personal injury law, probate law, and many others. The Alexandria Bar Association also helps its community with programs like “Beat the Odds.” The program provides financial awards and other recognition to youth who have achieved academic and other goals in spite of a history of involvement with the local court, mental health, or social services systems.

Local Alexandria lawyers understand the complexities of Alexandria courts. They know the local rules and procedures for the 18th Judicial District of Virginia, which includes the Alexandria General District Court and the Alexandria Circuit Court.

If you are not ready to speak to an attorney at this time, feel free to peruse LegalMatch’s wide variety of free online legal resources. Our Law Library contains over 3,000 legal articles and may be able to shed some light on your legal issue. Visit LegalMatch’s Legal Blogs, featuring opinions, facts, rulings and recent precedents in various areas of the law.

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