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Learn More About Haymarket, VA

A small town in Northern Virginia, Haymarket is located within Prince Williams County. Once a popular Indian hunting path, today Haymarket is a quaint country town known for its historic architecture and small town charm.

Haymarket lawyers can help you with criminal defense, bankruptcy, personal injury litigation, real estate transactions, and any other legal issue you may be facing.

Lawyers in Haymarket were recently on both sides of a lawsuit filed by a former police officer. The officer made a freedom of information request to uncover evidence concerning rent payments on property leased to the town’s mayor. The officer was concerned that the mayor may have fallen behind in payments, and wanted the information prior to the election. The request was not honored in time and the election passed, and the officer sued the city of Haymarket.

Haymarket attorneys should be familiar with the courts of Prince Williams County, including the General District Court and Circuit Court. Even if your case does not make it to trial, you will want an attorney familiar with the local rules and procedures, as well as local court staff, judges, and other Haymarket lawyers.

If you need a lawyer in Haymarket, LegalMatch can help. Our free service will match you to a local Haymarket attorney specializing in your type of issue. You will have access to valuable background information, including past client comments, case histories, and attorney profiles.

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