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Learn More About Henrico County, VA

Henrico County is home to the Richmond International Speedway which hosts two NASCAR races each year that draws many tourists and locals alike. Henrico County is also known for its fiscal responsibility and retains the highest bond rating from the three United States bond agencies.

A number of Henrico County residents are knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with local circuit and district court procedures. Lawyers in Henrico County hear a diverse selection of cases including child support, auto injury, real estate, chapter 7 bankruptcy, and estate administration cases.

Recently in Henrico County, 22 year employee of Waco Incorporated Construction Company, Sandra Lee Dennis of Mechanicsville, was arraigned on felony embezzlement charges. Sandra Lee Dennis worked in the Waco Inc. offices as an accounts payable manager. A supervisor inquired about a missing file which led to the discovery of Sandra Dennis’ five-year scam in which she pocketed around $200,000. Circuit Court Judge L.A. Harris Jr. read letters from some of the 400 Waco Inc. employees and sentenced her to 10 years in prison with only one year and 9 months suspended.

If you are accused of or wish to file an embezzlement case in Henrico County, the Henrico County 14th Judicial Circuit Court in Henrico retains jurisdiction over a number of case types like criminal, civil, real property, and exclusive jurisdiction over domestic relations cases. The Henrico County District Court will be the court with which you will be summoned on juvenile, traffic, and ordinance violation cases.

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