Finding the right attorney to help with your case can often be a challenging and daunting task. Not only do you need to know where to look for one, but you may also need to know the type of legal specialization that an attorney practices in order for them to take your case. Without having any legal experience, this may be difficult to assess on your own.

Another reason why people may find searching for an attorney stressful is because unless a family member or friend recommends them, you may have no way of knowing whether the lawyer you hire has experience or can be trusted with your case.

As a result, many people turn to attorney referral services to help them find a good lawyer.  An attorney referral service can be defined as a resource that provides the contact information for a large network of lawyers that usually practice in a particular state.

These services also typically aid in connecting people to lawyers registered with their network that may be an appropriate match to hire for a particular legal matter. Thus, the programs often serve as more than just a directory of contact information.

Many state and local bar associations offer attorney referral services. Although many of them are free to the public, there are some that require a membership fee. If you are worried about cost, you should try searching for ones that are provided by non-profit organizations or legal aid services. However, not everyone meets the necessary requirements to qualify for legal aid.

How Do You Find an Attorney in Iowa?

The first place to begin your search for an attorney in Iowa is by visiting the website for the Iowa State Bar Association. As soon as you reach the homepage, there will be a link that says, “Find a Lawyer.” If you click on the link, it will take you directly to a database of lawyers who are all registered members of the Iowa State Bar Association.

The search function for the database is set up in the same way that many other websites use. There you can search for a variety of information about a lawyer, including their legal field, the city and counties that they are located in, what languages they speak, and so on. Be sure to select the city and county that is closest to where you live.

Unlike other states, the best thing about Iowa’s Bar Association database is that it provides a great deal of information about the lawyers listed on it. In addition to the above referenced information, you can also find out about a particular attorney’s practice, education, professional associations, and in some instances, even a photograph of the attorney.

While it is free to search their database, the cost of meeting with one of the attorneys may vary. Therefore, you may want to look into their attorney referral service instead.

If you opt to use the Iowa State Bar Association’s attorney referral service, you will be required to fill out an online form where you will enter information about yourself and the legal issue that you are contacting about. After this form is submitted, you can expect a referral for a lawyer to be sent to you within a day or two.

This service is free to use as well, however, the initial consultation with the lawyer that is provided will cost you $25. The difference between this and the regular database search is that you will not have to spend time searching on your own for a lawyer and the consultation is capped at $25, as opposed to a random amount based on an attorney’s credentials.

How Else Can I Find an Attorney in Iowa?

Finally, if you decide not to use the Iowa State Bar Association, or alternatively, do not meet the qualifications for a legal aid organization, you can always find a lawyer by using private attorney referral services. These can easily be found by conducting a quick online search.

Private attorney referral services generally provide more information about the attorneys listed and usually give out multiple lawyer referrals. Also, these services often give users access to a free legal library on their websites.

Again, although private services are usually free to use when searching for an attorney, the initial consultation will cost some amount depending on the lawyer or service, but it will be limited to a low amount.

If you are not sure where to begin your search for a private attorney referral service, you can start by registering for free with our website, LegalMatch!

While LegalMatch is not a traditional attorney referral service, it does offer software that helps users to connect quickly with the right lawyer for their legal issues. Furthermore, the lawyers found in LegalMatch’s database have all been pre-screened and have profiles that allow visitors to read about an attorney before reaching out to them for help.

Finally, LegalMatch does not charge its users any fees for finding and contacting the lawyers listed. Additionally, users are not obligated to use someone they do not feel comfortable working with and will only be directed to lawyers who are available and interested in taking their case.