Why LegalMatch Works

LegalMatch is America's premier online legal matching company. Our unrivaled legacy is in providing the most effective and time-saving methods for connecting people in immediate need of legal services with the right attorneys.

With LegalMatch, the latest technology enables you to confidentially and thoroughly review the experience, expertise, track record, availability, and fee structure of pre-screened lawyers who match your criteria before deciding whom to contact. Everyday LegalMatch assists thousands of people in need of legal representation find the right lawyer- with a 98% satisfaction rate.

10 Reasons to Find a Lawyer Through LegalMatch

1. Your Privacy is Protected
Your personal information is never disclosed to anyone until you decide to release it to lawyers who have shown interest in your case. Lawyers are able to view only your case summary information and the city and state where you need legal help.
2. There are No Obligations
You are not required to hire or contact a lawyer through our service. LegalMatch will match you with as many lawyer choices as possible, but in the end you alone decide who, if anyone, you would like to contact. Our goal is to help you find the lawyer that is right for you. If it doesn't feel right, don't hire them.
3. Our Lawyers are Pre-Screened
We screen all potential LegalMatch lawyers. If they're not in good standing with their state's bar association or are unable to meet our membership standards and requirements, they cannot be a part of the LegalMatch network.
4. $1,000 Satisfaction Guarantee
At LegalMatch, we stand behind you and your choice of lawyer with a Satisfaction Guarantee of as much as $1,000.
5. Learn More About the Lawyer Before You Contact Them
LegalMatch empowers you in the lawyer selection process. You can confidentially and thoroughly review the attorneys' profiles and responses to your case, which include their experience, expertise, availability, and fee structures, before revealing your identity.
6. Only Speak With Lawyers Interested in Your Case
Gain confidence in knowing that every lawyer you correspond with has already reviewed and expressed interest in your case. You won't waste your time telling your private legal matters to lawyers who are not interested or available.
7. Review the Ratings for Each Lawyer
LegalMatch utilizes a comprehensive lawyer rating system, which allows you to review the experiences previous clients have had with a particular lawyer. Did this lawyer return the client's phone calls? Was the lawyer able to get results? Our lawyer rating system allows you to view client feedback regarding a lawyer before you make a decision. Our users create the ratings; while LegalMatch pre-screens member attorneys as noted above, we do not rate, rank or otherwise recommend specific members.
8. We have Lawyers Nationwide Who Specialize in Almost All Legal Disciplines
Do you live in California but need a Florida lawyer? Not a problem. We have lawyers in cities big and small throughout the United States to help you.
9. LegalMatch is Not a Referral Service
When a consumer presents their issue to LegalMatch, our intake system software automatically matches the consumer's case to our member lawyers who correspond to that consumer's criteria. Unlike referral services, LegalMatch believes that informed consumers know best when it comes to choosing the right lawyer for their needs. LegalMatch will never choose a lawyer for you.
10. Our Service is Free
That is correct; our matching service is completely free of charge for consumers. Your fee arrangements are made directly with the attorney you choose. Your case will only be presented to matching LegalMatch Member Attorneys who have paid an annual fee to respond to your inquiries.