When it is time to find a Wyoming lawyer, where would you begin to look?  Since it is important to hire a lawyer skilled in the area of law that your legal issue arose from, using an attorney referral service is a resource to use.

The Wyoming State Bar offers an attorney referral service on its website.  After inputting the legal area you are concerned with, a list of attorneys skilled in that area is presented.  This service is free to use.

The Wyoming Bar’s service can be a bit frustrating to use, though.  There is no way to narrow the list of attorneys that is provided, and as such the list can be somewhat overwhelming. For example, selecting the legal area of “Criminal Defense” will return a list of over 100 lawyers across Wyoming. 

A better option would be to use a private attorney referral service. These services are also located online.  Many of these services allow you to select a Wyoming attorney based on a number of criteria, such as location and language spoken.  These services also usually provide a good deal of useful information about the lawyers, such as education, work history, and any disciplinary action taken during their careers.  Private attorney referral services are generally free to use, and your initial consultation with your lawyer is about $0 – $50.