Finding the right attorney who will take your case can be quite a challenging task. While there are many ways to search for an attorney, not all of them provide efficient results.

The most common way to search for an attorney in your state is to visit a website for your local or state bar association.

People who visit these websites can expect to find information, such as a database of attorneys who are registered with that particular bar association, legal aid services or non-profit organizations that provide free legal assistance to those who qualify for it, and some may even offer their own attorney referral services.

What is an Attorney Referral Service?

An attorney referral service can be defined as a place to find contact information for a large network of lawyers who are located in a particular state.

Additionally, attorney referral services often provide detailed background information about their attorneys and can help connect people with the right lawyers who may be suited for taking their case.

These services can either be public, such as those found on some state bar association websites, or private. Although they are primarily free to use, some attorney referral services do charge their members a fee.

What Should I Look for When Searching for an Attorney?

Whether you are using a public or private lawyer referral service to search for a lawyer in Utah, you should be on the lookout for certain credentials before hiring one, which includes:

  • Active Bar Status: The most important things to look for are not only whether an attorney is officially registered as a member of the Utah State Bar Association, but also that their bar status is active and does not say that they are ineligible, resigned, or disbarred.
  • Disciplinary Actions: You also have the right to know whether an attorney was ever involved in any disciplinary actions. Although this does not automatically disqualify an attorney from practicing, you should be aware of any issues that could have an impact on your case. 
  • Additional Information: You should seek out attorneys who specialize in the matters that are part of your case. For example, if you have a trademark issue with your business, you may want to consider hiring an attorney who specializes in trademark law. Also, if you want to hire a specific lawyer or wish to find one that graduated from a particular law school, this information will all be available online as well. 

How Do You Find an Attorney in Utah Using LegalMatch?

As discussed above, finding the right attorney can be an intimidating experience. This is especially true for someone who has not worked with a lawyer in the past. To help combat this issue, most state bar associations offer attorney referral services to assist people in finding the right lawyer for their case.

While the Utah State Bar Association does offer some resources for finding an attorney, they are very limited and do not provide the amount of background information that many other state and local bar associations give visitors about their legal members.

Fortunately, the Utah State Bar Association does recommend that people search for attorneys in Utah using private attorney referral services, such as LegalMatch! Although LegalMatch is not your typical sort of attorney referral service, it does have software that allows its users to search and contact lawyers who are listed in their database for free.

All you have to do is simply register for LegalMatch’s services. Once registered, you will be asked to input some basic information about both yourself and the legal matter that you are contacting them about. From there, LegalMatch’s attorneys will review your information and reach out to you directly if they are available and interested in taking your case.

This also happens to be one of the primary advantages to using LegalMatch’s services. Often people will either search for attorneys on their own and will have to contact many until finding an attorney who is available, or they will be given referrals by a service where a lawyer may be available, but they are not interested in taking the case.

LegalMatch helps prevent this situation from happening by not only having lawyers review users’ cases before taking them, but also enables them to reach out to you instead. This method saves both parties time and frustration.

Additionally, users are not obligated to hire an attorney who reaches out to them. You should only ever hire or work with attorneys who you feel comfortable with and that you can trust.

LegalMatch also supplies its users with a lot of background information about its attorneys that the Utah Bar Association does not. For instance, LegalMatch has profiles set up for each of its lawyers that include information, such as their legal experience, fee structures for cases, and legal specializations.

In contrast, the Utah Bar Association only offers information, such as an attorney’s bar number, whether they are registered with the Utah Bar Association, and any legal organizations that they are affiliated with, but you may not find things like their specific experience or their fee structures.

Therefore, if you are looking for a lawyer in Utah that will take your case, you should consider signing up for LegalMatch and submitting your legal issue today!