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Looking for a Utah lawyer can be an intimidating experience.  This is especially true for those people who have not worked with a lawyer in the past.  As a result, many state bar associations offer attorney referral services in order to help people find a lawyer.  However, the Utah State Bar does not offer its own attorney referral service.

The Utah Bar does recommend that people looking for an attorney in Utah use LegalMatch.  This service allows you to input some basic information about yourself and your legal situation.  Attorneys will then review this information, and contact you directly if they are interested in taking you on as a client. 

One of the main advantages of this service is that you will only be communicating with those attorneys interested in taking your case, which greatly shortens the time it will take to find a lawyer that is right for you.

Although the Utah Bar does not offer an attorney referral service of its own, the private service it recommends more than fills the gap.  This referral service makes finding a lawyer quicker and easier than trying to do a search on your own. Many of those seeking the services of a Utah Lawyer use the LegalMatch online matching service.

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