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Learn More About Milford Mill

Milford Mill, Maryland is an unincorporated area that plays host to 26,500 Baltimore County residents in the State of Maryland. Most people just call the area “Milford” but the area was named for the old Milford Mill that is located along Milford Mill Road. Milford Mill has a number of shopping centers that accommodate the area’s diverse population.
Since Milford Mill is close to Baltimore, there are a number of talented lawyers who live there and know local courts. Lawyers in Milford Mill take a diverse selection of cases, they regularly consult on: immigration visa, chapter 7 bankruptcy, child support, personal injury, and criminal issues like felony charges and DUI cases.
Recently, Milford Mill resident Lee Dominick Abbitt allegedly tried to kill himself by causing a head-on collision on the busy Solley Road. Abbitt failed in killing himself and seriously injured Eva Codi, the 69 year old woman driving in the opposite direction. Abbitt was sentenced by a Baltimore County judge to 18 months in Maryland State Prison for 2nd degree assault.
If you have a personal injury lawsuit to file in Milford Mill then you will be heading to the Baltimore County Circuit Court. Milford Mill is under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore County Circuit Court which is responsible for handling most cases that arise in the area including: tort, contract, real property, and some traffic cases. Maryland State Circuit courts retain exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, civil appeals, domestic relations, juvenile,e and criminal appeals but is also responsible for hearing felony cases. If you have a visa, citizenship, or deportation issue then the U.S. Immigration Court in Baltimore, Maryland will be your location of filing.
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