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Learn More About Bel Air, MD

Bel Air is undisputedly the most exciting place in Harford County. It boasts more retail stores, restaurants, and nightlife attractions than any other commercial center throughout the county so it’s no big surprise to find out that it is also the seat of Harford County. Bel Air is also known for being the once home of John Wilkes Booth, his brother Edwin Thomas Booth who was considered one of the greatest Shakespearian actors of the 1800s, and Cigar who is a champion racehorse.
Bel Air also plays host to a number of talented local lawyers who are familiar with local Harford County court procedures. Lawyers in Bel Air counsel clients on a diverse variety of cases like: bankruptcy, child custody, real estate, wrongful termination, and criminal cases like DUI and murder.
Recently in Bel Air, Harford County Sheriffs concluded their investigation of the Aberdeen Police Department. The local chapter of the NAACP alleged misconduct and civil rights violations after the Aberdeen Police Department was involved in an incident at the Boys and Girls Club. The Harford County Sheriffs Department stipulated that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate the claims of excessive force and false arrest.
If you have child custody or support issues in Bel Air, you will likely be visiting the Harford Circuit Court which is the highest trial level court with which to file in Maryland. Maryland Circuit Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile and mental health cases in conjunction to criminal and civil appeals cases.
The best way to find Bel Air lawyers for your case is through LegalMatch. After entering a brief synopsis of your legal issue local pre-screened lawyers in Bel Air and Harford County will review your case. The best part is that LegalMatch guarantees your satisfaction and their services are free! If you aren’t familiar with Bel Air courts and procedures, you should take advantage of LegalMatch’s free pairing services and LegalCenter.
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