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Learn More About Lochearn

Lochearn is a Baltimore County community that is home to 26,000 residents. Lochearn mainly serves as a Baltimore suburb to the west but offers many amenities to residents like public parks and recreation areas as well as bustling centers of commerce.
Lochearn plays host to a handful of very knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in Lochearn take a diverse range of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, assault, probate, and immigration cases like visa and citizenship issues.
Recently near Lochearn, 22 year-old Jamal Medina was found stabbed to death in what police are describing as a violent homicide. County police officers received a call that a body was found about 1:45 a.m. off of Route 198 and when emergency officials arrived Medina was already in cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead soon after.
If you have a divorce or personal injury lawsuit to file then you will probably be visiting the Baltimore County Circuit Court that retains exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, juvenile, civil appeals, and criminal appeals cases. The circuit courts also take tort, contract, real property probate, civil, and domestic relations files among others.
LegalMatch can pair you with a lawyer who is familiar with Lochearn courts and bar certified, guaranteed.
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