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Learn More About Towson, MD

Towson is nestled away in Baltimore County, Maryland. Towson is considered the second most populous area in Baltimore County and therefore holds many of the counties best attractions. It holds the largest indoor shopping mall which towers four stories tall and has a parking structure that creates a pathway to other shops across the street.
Recently, the residents of Towson were shocked when two individuals were arrested by police for running a child pornography operation out of their home. Both John Nicklas and Shannon Honea were being held for $5 million bail but the court decided to deny them bail altogether. When police obtained a search warrant they seized CD’s, DVD’s, and computers. In those records the police found videos in which both Nicklas and Honea participate in sex acts. Nicklas faces 13 charges including second, third, and fourth degree sex acts, two counts of permitting sex with a child, and filming child pornography. Honea is also charged with many of the same charges as Nicklas but in addition is charged with soliciting children for child pornography and four counts of promoting and distributing child pornography.
Residents of Towson are served by the Baltimore County District Court, Baltimore County Circuit Court, and an Orphans Court. The Orphans Court is locally funded and handles all probate and estate cases except where such cases are handled by the Circuit Court in Montgomery or Harford counties. The Baltimore County District Court hears small claims, civil protection, felony, tort, contract, and real property cases. The Baltimore County Circuit Court hears civil appeals, mental health, contract, domestic relations, felony, criminal appeals, and juvenile cases.
If you are contemplating a suit then it is essential to have a Towson lawyer that knows the laws of not only Towson but also Baltimore County. Towson lawyers practice in many areas of law including employment, immigration, and criminal law.
Finding the right Towson lawyer can be a time consuming and frustrating process. LegalMatch gives you the power to confidentially review the experience, availability, track record, and cost of pre-screened Towson lawyers. Our service can save you time and money so that you may choose an attorney that best suits your needs. All of the lawyers on LegalMatch are backed by a satisfaction guarantee and this entire service is at no cost to you.
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