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Learn More About Dundalk, MD

The community of Dundalk is located within Baltimore County. Founded in 1856, Dundalk has grown much from its beginnings as a small hamlet comprised of less than 70 households. Today, over 60,000 people live in the prosperous community. Dundalk has even had its fair share of homegrown celebrities, including professional skateboard Bucky Lasek and Kevin Clash, better known to adults and children alike as the beloved voice of everyone’s favorite red muppet Elmo from Sesame Street.
Extreme sport athletes and voice actors aside, Dundalk also has a lot of skilled attorneys. Dundalk lawyers come from all over Maryland and practice in many different areas of the law, such as personal injury, wrongful death, divorce, family law, employee benefits, bankruptcy, real estate, probate, and tax law.
A Dundalk attorney successfully represented the family of a former General Electric (GE) employee who died while performing his job as an engineer. The employee worked at a GE power plant and was conducting routine inspection on some one of the plant’s electric turbines. The power was supposed to be off, however due to some faulty wiring a few of the turbines remained electrically charged. The employee touched one of the active turbines resulting in his instant death. The victim’s family hired a Dundalk attorney who brought suit against GE and eventually secured one of the largest jury award verdicts for that year.
Most Dundalk criminal and civil cases are heard before the Baltimore County Circuit Court. The court is one of general jurisdiction with separate judicial divisions for family disputes and juveniles. If you’re a Dundalk resident in need of filing a lawsuit, you’ll definitely need a Dundalk lawyer to help you through the process.
Locating the right attorney for your specific legal issue can be difficult, and finding one available to take your case can be even harder, especially in a small community like Dundalk. Luckily there’s is a free personalized attorney-client matching service. Simply present your case via our easy to use online questionnaire and in a matter of hours one of our service agents will report back to you with a list attorneys eager to take your case.
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