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Learn More About Catonsville, MD

Catonsville is home to 40,000 Baltimore County residents. Some notable residents include Benjamin Banneker, David “the Hoff” Hasselhoff, Frank Zappa, and Food Network star Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes. Catonsville is most widely known in Maryland for its music culture. The Maryland legislature passed a proclamation in 2002 declaring Catonsville Music City, Maryland.
Catonsville residents aren’t all musicians and pastry artists though, a number of knowledgeable lawyers also live in the city. Lawyers in Catonsville take divorce, bankruptcy, automobile injury, immigration, and DUI cases to name a few; however, they are not limited to these cases and often take many other types.
Recently near Catonsville, a Howard County Circuit Court judge sentenced Kevin Francis Klink, 19, to 13 years in prison after he killed Robert Brazell Jr. who was 18 years-old. Klink hit Brazell in the head with a baseball bat repeatedly. Klink’s charges include 10 years for voluntary manslaughter and 3 for a dangerous weapons charge after the Mount Hebron High School brawl.
If you have a case to file in Catonsville, you will likely be visiting the Baltimore County District Court or the Baltimore County Circuit Court. The Baltimore County District Court is responsible for hearing traffic, preliminary criminal, tort, contract, real property, civil, and small claims cases that do not exceed $5,000. The Baltimore County Circuit Court retains exclusive jurisdiction over mental health and juvenile cases in addition to criminal and civil appeals cases. With any case, it’s best to find a reputable Catonsville lawyer who is familiar with the issues and local court procedures.
The most reputable Catonsville lawyers can be found through the free pairing services of LegalMatch. LegalMatch is the original client-attorney matching system and offers a bevy of other resources. The LegalMatch Law Library is a good place to begin your legal research.
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