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Learn More About Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County lies just north of Washington D.C., and is part of the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. Montgomery County is one of the wealthiest counties in the U.S., and boasts the second highest household median income in Maryland. Montgomery County is also one of the most highly educated counties in the nation, as almost 30% of its residents hold post-graduate degrees.

Montgomery County is a major hub for the biotechnology sector. Biomedical research is conducted at local facilities such as the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University. Additionally, Montgomery County is home to some major corporations, including Lockheed Martin, GEICO, and Discovery Communications.

In the 1970s, Montgomery County was among the first counties in the nation to enact an affordable housing zoning plan. The Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit zoning plan (MPDU) was designed to ensure that rich and poor residents are not isolated in different parts of Montgomery County.  Under the MPDU, developers must include affordable housing within any new residential development they build in the county.

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