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Learn More About St. Charles

St. Charles, Maryland, is a planned community located in Charles County, Maryland. It has a population of 38,000. Planning for development in the area began relatively recently in 1965. The community is currently about halfway through completion according to its outlined master plan
St. Charles will consist of five villages when it is ultimately completed. Presently two communities are completely developed, one is still under development, and two others are undeveloped. Residents of the area enjoy such amenities as swimming pools, playgrounds, and neighborhood centers. Many of the residents are employed in the nearby military bases, and many are employed by the federal government. The area is served by St. Charles town center, which is a two-level shopping mall. The city of St. Charles is known for its commitment to becoming an international “model green city”.
In recent St. Charles legal news, city officials approved plans for a $500 million natural gas power plant to be constructed in the area. Competitive Power Ventures (CPT) has already signed a contract with American Communities Property Trust (ACPT) for the purchase of land for the plant. ACPT is St. Charles’ developer. The power plant must conform to the community’s zoning laws, as well as environmental concerns in keeping with the city’s “green” theme. The plant will feature a 600 mega-watt gas generator that captures steam to produce additional electricity. Licensing for the project was finalized in 2008.
Legal claims can cover everything from contracts agreements to personal matters. Issues involving the law are important and require the attention of a lawyer. If you located in St. Charles and you need a lawyer, can help you find the right one. LegalMatch is an online lawyer matching service that matches attorneys with clients for free.
Cases arising in St. Charles can be filed at the Charles County District Court. The district court hears small claims for amounts less than $5,000, as well as misdemeanors and certain felonies. More involved claims can be heard at the Charles County Circuit Court.
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