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Bethesda isn’t an incorporated city but still earned the rank of eleventh “Top Earning Places in the United States” by Bethesda is an affluent bedroom community not only known for its proximity to Washington D.C. but also for its landmarks and historical significance. Bethesda is home to the headquarters of Lockheed Martin, Marriot International, and the National Naval Medical Center where the autopsy of President John F. Kennedy was carried out. Great shopping, convenient public transportation, and farmers markets are all reasons why Bethesda is such a popular Eastern Seaboard location to reside.
In a recent case, Bethesda resident Francisco Mario Jimenez awoke to Maryland State Police serving a search and seizure warrant. 24,888 grams of marijuana and twelve illegal firearms were sized from Jimenez’s house. The value of the marijuana was estimated at $497,000 by raiding Maryland State Police officers.
Lawyers in Bethesda don’t only specialize in criminal drug possession cases but also medical malpractice, intellectual property, family, and tax law. The capable lawyers in Bethesda are experienced with the Montgomery County Judicial System Circuit Courts which cover a broad range of jurisdictions.
If you’re looking for a divorce while in Bethesda you may want to know a few things about your rights to property; much of this information can be found in LegalMatch’s Law Library.  Other issues concerning divorce in Bethesda or Montgomery County are also available online, but ultimately you may decide to consult with a lawyer.
LegalMatch is a free and easy method of finding a lawyer in Bethesda for any legal issue. Only LegalMatch allows you to choose a lawyer while allowing you to see their prices, reviews, and availability. All you have to do to get started is select your case category and fill out case information. Let the right Bethesda lawyer come to you.
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