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Learn More About Greenbelt, MD

Greenbelt has a unique history that few other cities in the United States can relate to. Originally built as a federal venture in housing after the Great Depression, Greenbelt could realistically be called an experiment.  A planned community that separated pedestrian traffic away from vehicle traffic, Greenbelt allowed residents to pay rent towards obtaining equity in their homes. When the federal government decided to abandon its experiment, the residents of Greenbelt came together to form a cooperative that bought the homes and buildings from the government.
Today, Greenbelt is a very community-oriented city with a government elected by populous vote with little partisan bickering, and many community clubs help run the city. The New Deal Café is a prime example of the Greenbelt spirit. It is a restaurant run as a consumer cooperative, owned by 200 member patrons, displaying local artists’ work and hosting several music festivals each year.
With is location so close to Washington DC, it is no surprise that Greenbelt is full of experienced Greenbelt lawyers. If you have legal problems in Greenbelt or near the nation’s capitol, these local attorneys can represent you in areas of law including tax, administrative law, wills and trusts, bankruptcy, intellectual property, and many others.
In a lawsuit that is currently pending in federal district court in Greenbelt, a Virginia woman filed suit against Peanut Corp. of America, claiming that the tainted peanuts she ate came from the corporation. The suit is accusing Peanut Corp. of acting in bad faith and intentionally inflicting harm and emotional distress, and is seeking $1 million in damages. Many others around the nation who got sick from the tainted peanuts are anxiously watching the proceedings in the Greenbelt court.
The lawyers in Greenbelt are very familiar with the courts in Maryland, especially the US Federal District Court for the District of Maryland, Greenbelt Division. As well, a Maryland state trial court is quite close to Greenbelt in the nearby city of Prince George.   If your case requires you to report to any of these courts, a Greenbelt attorney is your best choice because of their knowledge and experience.
But how do you go about finding the right Greenbelt attorney for you? provides an easy answer to this question for you. We maintain a database of experienced and able lawyers that are eager to assist you with your lawsuit. After using our online system, you will be matched to local Greenbelt attorneys that know how to take care of your case.
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