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Learn More About Parkville, MD

Parkville may not be an officialcity or even have incorporated as a town, but over 30,000 Baltimore County residents call the census designated place home. Parkville is home to a number of great public schools and some of the nation’s most outstanding private academies of lower learning.
Many lawyers call Parkville home and know local court procedures. Lawyers in Parkville take a wide range of clientele and cases including: bankruptcy, divorce, immigration visa, slip and fall personal injury, and criminal cases like felony charges.
Recently in Parkville, Carl Abbott who runs a construction company and employs a number of non-citizens was outraged and may have taken things a little too far when he threatened Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. Abbott sent the governor a message using the state website saying that he would strangle him as a result of his immigration policy. Abbot was initially sentenced to 6 months in jail and a $500 fine but a circuit court judge overturned the case in an appeal.
If you have pending criminal charges in Parkville or just wish to file a civil lawsuit, you will be visiting the Baltimore County Circuit Court. Parkville falls under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore County Circuit Court which is responsible for handling most cases that arise in the area including: tort, contract, real property, and some traffic cases. Maryland State Circuit courts retain exclusive jurisdiction over mental health, civil appeals, domestic relations, juvenile, and criminal appeals but is also responsible for hearing felony cases. If you have a visa, citizenship, or deportation issue then the U.S. Immigration Court in Baltimore, Maryland will be your location of filing.
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