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Learn More About Chillum

Chillum is a census designated place that is home to 35,000 Price George’s County residents in the state of Maryland. Chillum includes Avondale, Green Meadows, Carole Highlands, and the Lewisdale communities.
Chillums is also home to a handful of great lawyers who are familiar with local court procedures. Lawyers in Chillum advise their clients on a wide range of cases, some typical examples include bankruptcy, divorce, DUI, personal injury, and probate cases.
Recently in Chillum, Kimberly Jones was awarded $261,000 for an incident in which Price George’s County Sheriffs deputies unlawfully forced their way into her home, maced, and assaulted the woman. The two deputies were dismissed as a result of the department’s zero tolerance policy and criminal charges were dropped against Jones for resisting arrest when the two deputies failed to show up for the trial.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Chillum, you will probably be visiting the Prince George’s County Circuit Court which retains exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, mental health, criminal appeals, and civil appeals cases. The Maryland Circuit Court is the highest level court with which you may file in the state. The Prince George General District Court can take cases like restraining orders, preliminary criminal hearings, and civil cases but has exclusive jurisdiction over small claims and traffic violations.
LegalMatch provides a free service that will find you a capable lawyer in Chillum. All of the LegalMatch lawyers are bar certified and backed by the customer satisfaction guarantee. The LegalMatch website provides a number of helpful research tools like legal blogs, an online law library, and newsletters within the Legal Center.
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