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Learn More About Hagerstown, MD

Hagerstown is the seat of Maryland County that is home to 120,325 residents making it the 6th largest city in the State of Maryland. Hagerstown is home to a number of institutions of higher learning like Mount Saint Mary’s University and the Antietan Bible College as well as many museums, parks, and theatres. Hagerstown throws annul festivals like the Western Maryland Blues Festival and Augustoberfest that celebrates the city’s rich German heritage.
Hagerstown also plays host to very talented lawyers who are well acquainted with Maryland Circuit and District Courts. Lawyers in Hagerstown take a mixed group of cases like bankruptcy, divorce, medical malpractice, DUI, and immigration visa cases.
Recently, Hagerstown native Steven Ryan Weaver was arrested by Hagerstown police. Weaver was charged with two counts of threatening arson after allegedly calling his ex-girlfriend and threatening to burn her home down. He faces fines and a possible jail sentence.
If you have criminal charges or other case in Hagerstown then you will likely be heading to the Washington County Circuit Court. Maryland Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over many different cases but retain exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile, mental health, civil, and criminal appeals cases. Circuit courts also hear domestic relations, small claims, real property, probate, contract, and felony cases. If you are having an visa, citizenship, or deportation issues then you will be filing with the U.S. Immigration Court in Baltimore, Maryland.
LegalMatch is a free service that pairs you with Hagerstown lawyers available. Review comments from past clients, prices, and availability to see which Hagerstown lawyer will work best for you. Also, check out the law library that has over 4,000 articles and the satisfaction guarantee that assures you are getting a reputable bar certified Hagerstown lawyer.
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