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Learn More About Baltimore, MD

Just to the northeast of D.C. lies Baltimore.  The Baltimore Metropolitan Area is large, with over 2.6 million residents.  It is a major hub for train passengers traveling between D.C. and Philadelphia, and New York.

Baltimore began as a trading post for tobacco and sugar, but quickly converted into an industrial city towards the end of the 19th century.  Workers came to Baltimore in droves to take up high-paying jobs in the steel, shipping, and auto manufacturing factories. Today, Baltimore is a thriving cultural hub and is home to major companies like Black & Decker as well as T. Rowe Price.

In addition, there are over 10,000 lawyers practicing in Baltimore. With this many legal professionals, how can a person unacquainted with any attorneys find a pre-screened local Baltimore lawyer? bridges that gap by connecting you with the right lawyer for your situation, without any cost to you.  Just provide the facts of your case, and you will be matched with pre-screened Baltimore attorneys ready to take over your case.

Baltimore lawyers handle many legal issues: civil law, criminal law, divorce law, child support law, personal injuries, bankruptcy law, and tax law.  In a recent case, a blind student tried to buy towels at the Target website.  However, as the website was not programmed correctly for blind users, vocals came back garbled and difficult to understand.  The student immediately filed suit, and the Baltimore-based National Federation of the Blind (NFB) took up the cause on behalf of the student and all other blind people that had been discriminated-against by Target.  As a result, NFB received $6 million dollars and the student got $20,000.

Baltimore lawyers are required to know the procedures and rules prescribed by the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.  The court features divisions such as: civil law, criminal law, family law, and juvenile law.

However, you may not wish to speak with Baltimore lawyer at this time.  If you are in the process of planning out your lawsuit, you might benefit from looking at LegalMatch’s Law Library which contains over 3000 articles.

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