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Learn More About North Bethesda

North Bethesda, MD is a flourishing business hub located in Montgomery County, one of the most affluent counties in the country. North Bethesda houses corporate headquarters of Lockheed Martin, Coventry Healthcare, Host Marriott and Marriott International. It is largely a commuter suburb of Washington, DC and over 30% of population 25 years and older have graduate or professional degrees.
North Bethesda’s substantial attorney population practices in a variety of legal fields: DUI, land use and zoning, employment, criminal, patent, personal injury and many more.
Recently, a North Bethesda church was busted for violating a little known Montgomery County law that bans Christmas tree sales in residential zones before Dec 5. County inspectors required the church to remove the tree sales operation, which raised money for church missions and programs, such as a medical clinic in Tanzania. In the holiday spirit, officials did not fine the church, which could have run up to $500.
North Bethesda cases may be brought in Montgomery County District or Circuit Court. Appeals are brought in the Court of Special Appeals or Court of Appeals, often called the State Supreme Court in other states. Maryland also has a special Orphans’ Court, which solely hears probate matters.
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To learn more about hiring a North Bethesda lawyer, visit our website. Alternatively, learn more about the law of Maryland by exploring the following external sites:
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  • Maryland Court Overview
  • Montgomery County Circuit Court

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