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Learn More About Queen Anne's County, MD

Founded in 1706, Queen Anne’s County, Maryland was named for Queen Anne, ruler of Great Britain and Ireland. Queen Anne’s County was the first permanent English settlement in the state of Maryland, and the Kent Fort Manor, built in 1640, is believed to be the oldest structure in Maryland still standing today.

District attorneys in Queen Anne’s County recently began a criminal lawsuit against a resident of Queen Anne’s County for attempted murder, assault, and reckless endangerment. Marcus Lamar Black from Stevensville has had criminal charges filed against him for firing a shotgun at a group that was enjoying a barbecue outside in Grasonville. The trial is currently ongoing in Queen Anne County courts.

The court system in Maryland is structured as four levels – district courts, circuit courts, the Court of Special Appeals, and highest Court of Appeals. Lawyers in Queen Anne’s County typically argue their case in the Queen Anne’s County District Court, the Queen Anne’s County Circuit Court, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, or the Maryland Court of Appeals. A local Queen Anne’s County attorney can help you navigate this complex system.

More information on the Maryland Court System and Queen Anne’s County lawyers can be found online:

  • Maryland Judiciary
  • Queen Anne’s County Bar Association
  • Queen Anne’s County Law Library

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