Once it is time to hire a lawyer, the first question is how to go about hiring one.  One way is to pick up your phone book, but all you'll find is pictures of attorneys and their phone numbers.  A better way is to use an attorney referral service. 

Attorney referral services can be a great help in locating an attorney.  Many of them offer an easy to use website – a quick web search will turn up several.  These services have different ways of providing lawyer referrals.  Some ask you to simply input your location and the legal area you are concerned with, and a list of lawyers appears. 

The problem with this approach is that the resulting list can be very large – search for Family Law in Los Angeles, and you will receive a list of 250 lawyers!  With no easy way to sift through that list, this method is not much more helpful than leafing through the phone book.  Also, many of those lawyers may not be available or are simply not interested in your case.

Another approach that some attorney referral services use is to ask you to provide some basic information about yourself and your case.  The lawyer referrals are not immediate, but they are more tailored to your needs.  Also, some services send your information to lawyers in your area, and those that are interested in your case will contact you directly.  This way, you save time finding who is available, and also the lawyers explain their strengths and why you should give your business to them.

Regardless of the method used, attorney referral services certainly make it less stressful to take that first step in finding a lawyer.  The end result is that you will usually find a good lawyer faster, easier, and cheaper by using these services.

To find the right attorney referral service in your area, review this website: Lawyer Referral Services